Do you believe me?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"...down to the wire,
I wanted water but i'll walk through the fire.
If this is what it takes to take me even higher.
then i'll come through, like I do,when the world keeps
...testing me.testing me.testing me."

John Mayer's new cd (continuum) is just what I needed to recover my sanity. Granted, just being at home does more for my health than I'm willing to admit. College life only suits the "willing"....I chose to remain sober, smart, "boring", and uninterested in taking pictures of only "the angles". Here I come blog #2! Only this time, I'm willing to publish this crap for the public (a.k.a. federal offenders, FBI databases, those pissed off at society and public school systems, etc.) just for fun.

I keep reading about blogs.Not reading the ACTUAL blogs, but just having the WORD blog discussed made me weirded out.Anything I've ever done online has been "protected", "security blocked", "password/relationship private",etc. So whats so special about this well.thats what I came here to find out....
i'm going to publish this till I figure out how things work around